Saturday, November 18, 2006


Saturday Update

It is interesting to note that a lot of names that were on the block over the past few weeks have been turning a new leaf. Craig Conroy has been playing much better of late over the last three games in LA, and the talk of him getting dealt has subsided.

One name that is surfacing as being very available is Tuomo Ruutu. Dale Tallon has been on the phones heavily and Ruutu is a hot commodity but the return on dealing him is ambigious at best. Even though he has world class talent, he always seems to be one step away from being injured. As Chicago fans are well aware, when Tuomo is injured, he never seems to be out just a few games. He's missed a total of 77 games over his career so far.

Also, the rumor about Nabakov for Jovo couldn't be further from the truth. Jovo is expected to lead the crew of Coyotes defensemen for years to come. If Phoenix is going to acquire a goaltender, Jovo will not be going the other way. However, the same cannot be said for Enver Lisin though. He is tradebait and may get dealt for a goalie, and it may even be Nabakov.

Ottawa's big win over Buffalo should quiet the fans...for now. They are not out of the woods yet, however, the team played very well against the best of the best in the Eastern Conference tonight. That could very well be the win that they were looking for to turn things around.

Brenden Morrison continues to gain interest and Colorado may have the lead right now, but Vancouver wants Stasny and that price is too steep.

Also, Philadelphia rumors have quieted even though they got shelled by San Jose. A big win against Anaheim and a nice come from behind victory over LA, may be a step in the right direction for new coach John Stevens and his crew.

One last thing, Columbus is still looking for a coach that is going to lead that team out of the bottom of the standings. Hitchcock is still being mentioned but don't be surprised if Andy Murray gets a look or potentially a PEI boy that is looking for a job.

That's all for now...


Friday, November 10, 2006


Little Friday Night Lights

Some goings in the world...

Edmonton is fairly disappointed with MA Bergeron and he is on the block. They are running low with patience on Robbie Schremp as well. Apparently Edmonton has called LA, who is looking to make a deal about a Visnovsky for Bergeron and Schremp deal. This would be a good deal for both teams, but Visnovsky is not on the top of the trade list for LA. Getting rid of Conroy is the priority but won't happen until Alyn McCauley gets back.

Boston is still looking for goaltending help and the name of Vesa Toskala has come up but the Sharks want to give up Nabakov. There is still some sanity to a Murray for Nabakov deal but it won't happen right away.

Also, straight from Tampa Bay, what has been heard from my source is that Vinny Lecavalier is NOT getting dealt. The deal that is on the table is Alex Tanguay and Tim Ramholt for Martin St. Louis and a pick. Calgary is starting to pick things up but Tangs has not lived up to the hype yet. Iginla is still looking for help and Calgary has a defenseman that they can comes the Craig Conroy rumors again...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


More woes in Ottawa

Ottawa losing tonight continues to heat up rumors that Craig Conroy is headed their way. One source had said that tonight's game against Atlanta was key to the team's morale. Unfortunately, it was like groundhog day all over again in Atlanta. After squandering a lead in Washington, the same thing happened Wednesday night in Atlanta and chalks up another Sens loss.

The question now is, because of the loss, are they more desperate to acquire a Conroy or Morrison? Can LA or Phoenix up the ante and somehow pry Volchenkov or even Vermette away in return? Might there be another team involved (Calgary)? Does it make more sense to see if Ottawa can pull Jason Allison out of the woods for $500k and see if he can help? Muckler needs to make a move pretty quick here because the natives are getting restless in the capital city.

The next few days will be interesting...

Also, Jason Williams got absolutely leveled by Raffi Torres tonight in Detroit. It wasn't a pretty scene, and we hope that Jason is alright and makes a speedy recovery. Williams had his head down coming out from behind the Edmonton net when Torres hit him shoulder to chin and sent him flying. Good hit by Torres, bad result for Detroit.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Update on Conroy and others

-Per the Score, Craig Conroy is very close to being dealt to Los Angeles for Chris Schubert and possibly Ilya Zubov. Conroy scored his first goal of the season tonight in LA's win in Colorado and may be picking up steam. It will be interesting to see if Lombardi and Muckler have finalized the deal or if LA may ask for more after his performance tonight.

It's a good deal for both teams as Ottawa gets a very popular good two way offensive center to anchor a line with Daniel Alfredsson. LA continues to get younger with Schubert who can come in and play immediately. Zubov is a highly skilled Russian that is still a few years away but has been compared to a Maxim Afinogenov type of player.

-Hannu Toivonen being sent down is not signaling a trade. The thought is that he needs a little conditioning stint and he may be playing injured. Rumors of Boston looking for a goalie are not happening.

-18 scouts were at the NJ-Carolina game tonight which leads some around the league to believe that Carolina is going to make a move pretty soon. They are not off to a horrible start but many expected them to do better. Ray Whitney is a name that could be on the move for additional defensive help.

-GM's met today and apparently didn't have enough time in their schedule to discuss any potential dealings. If you believe that I've got a bridget that is for sale. Teams that are struggling like Philly, Calgary, Chicago, and Boston will be making some moves in the near future. Calgary and Philadelphia have the most to lose since they were expected to do very well. Roman Hamrlik is possibly on his way out and Philly would love to unload Hatcher or Rathje for a younger quicker defenseman. Chicago may unload Adrian Aucoin if the right deal comes along and Jassen Cullimore's name will continue to be in trade rumors as long as he is in a Chicago uniform.


Rumors du jour

Let's start with a few things that are on the table...

- There are a few rumors circulating right now that the Ottawa Senators are about to make some changes. Many people, before the season started, had them to be in the top 3 in their conference. Instead, Ottawa is off to a less than desired start including blowing a lead to a Washington team tonight that resulted in a 4-3 OT loss.

Apparently, the Sens are looking for a 2nd line center to bring Daniel Alfredsson back to his normal playing level. It is rumored that Craig Conroy and Brendan Morrison are currently named as centers that Ottawa is interested in. The names going the other way are rumored to be Anton Volchenkov, Brian Lee, or Chris Schubert. LA, in a rebuilding mode, would probably be happy with any of the three. Vancouver, also may have interest, but they may want more and one name coming up is Antoine Vermette. The GM's meet tomorrow in Toronto, so some deals may happen there...then again maybe not.

- Phoenix is struggling. Comrie is out and they are also rumored to be interested in Morrison. There could be a bigger deal here with Shane Doan, but he and Coach Gretzky are close and it's doubtful he is involved. A name that has come up here is Enver Lisin, who is playing pretty well in the Yotes lineup.

- Philadelphia is another team that is struggling out of the gates. Their whole team play has been subpar and it seems that the team is falling apart. With Bob Clarke now out of the way, Paul Holmgren is now in charge and he has yet to make a move. Chances are Ed Snider will want to make some adjustments. Remember that this team, much like Ottawa, was pegged as a playoff contender.

There is talk that Simon Gagne is on his way out. An outstanding young winger with a high salary is an unlikely place to start from a Philly perspective but apparently they are listening. The goaltenders need some work as well, and the Flyers defensive crew would be a force to be reckon with if we were still using the rules from the 2003-2004 season. Leetch is a name that has come up as an out but he may be content in retirement. Don't be surprised to see Philly make a move to get a defenseman as well as take a run at a goaltender. I don't think Simon Gagne is going anywhere, but I think most anyone else on the team is fair game (Pitkanen, Richards, and Carter are not going anywhere).

-Boston is apparently shopping Glen Murray. Rumors are that LA and SJ are interested. It may be interesting to see how Cheechoo would accept not playing with Big Joe if Muzz comes aboard. SJ may not need him but Boston wouldn't mind having one of their goalies, most likely Nabakov if salary is an issue. LA wouldn't mind having Muzz being fed all day long by surprise rookie Anze Kopitar, but salary is an issue, plus the M.O. of the organization is not to bring in too many 30+ guys to go along with their youth.

Lastly, how good does Pittsburgh and Atlanta look right now? Whether or not they will fall back to earth remains to be seen. Hossa, Kovalchuk, and Lehtonen versus Crosby, Malkin, and Fleury may be the sign of the future as far as the Eastern Conference Finals go. Some veterans probably wouldn't mind ending up their at the deadline...

Your thoughts?


An opening statement and a welcome...

Welcome everyone to Hutchnik's hockeytalk!

I have been following hockey for going on 25 years and have a true love for the game. It is without question that the game of hockey is the most exciting sport on the planet and I'm proud to be associated with it.

There are many blogs and many rumor sites on the internet that have some good credibility and some that have awful credibility. It is most difficult to differentiate between the two because some of the common publications (TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN, etc.) don't really get into rumors too much because of their relationships with the management and the players of the teams.

There are some sites however that can give some good information once in awhile. Code and Eklund come to mind. They do a pretty good job considering that they don't quite have the credibility of a Bob McKenzie or a Darren Dreger but they do have their "sources" that will occasionally call something before it happens.

This blog is not unlike any other. I will bring the most current rumors to the table. I too have my "sources". Many of my contacts are guys that I play with in Southern California that are old NHL'ers, college players, even ex pro roller hockey players. Many of these guys grew up in the same ranks as guys that are currently scouts or in a management role for a few NHL organizations. Whatever information I get that I'm allowed to talk about, I will. If I can't, I would assume that you folks would understand.

I'm here to promote good hockey conversation. As I have seen on the hockeysfuture bulletin boards, there are many intelligent fans that have a vast knowledge of the NHL. This includes that details that are a lot of times forgotten by the average fan (salary cap considerations are a prime example).

So I present to you another attempt to catch the hockey fan's attention going of charge.

Thanks for coming by and make sure you clear the zone before you leave...


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